Relocating your BT Broadband service

Published 04/05/2005 09:54   |    Updated 26/05/2008 16:17
Will BT Broadband be available at my new address?

It may not be possible to move your existing broadband service to your new home as BT Broadband is not always available nationwide. This situation can occur in telephone exchanges that have not yet been enabled for broadband or houses that are further than 4.5km from an enabled exchange.


If a new phone line needs to be installed then a site survey will need to be carried out to identify if your new home is suitable for a high speed BT Broadband connection.


BT Broadband availability and line speeds are dependent on both the distance between your home and the local telephone exchange and the quality of the telephone line work.


So even though you may be moving into a newly built home with a new telephone line you may not be able to avail of BT Broadband if your home is further than 4.5km from the local telephone exchange.


If you already know the telephone number of your new property then you can check for broadband availability by using our online checker. Click here to find out more.


If BT Broadband is not available in your new property then the service will need to be cancelled. As an alternative to broadband you could sign up for one of our Flat Rate dial-up Internet  packages.


BT Broadband orders usually take between 5 and 10 working days to complete on an active telephone line. If your new property has never had any line work done or has had no active service within the last 6 months it will take longer to complete the broadband order.


To begin the process of moving your BT services please call our Customer Care centre on Freephone 1904. Our advisors will ask you a few simple questions in order to complete an online relocation form on your behalf. This form will then be processed by our Relocations team who will ensure your BT services are up and running in your new premises as soon as possible.


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