Who should use BT Business Broadband?

Published 12/05/2005 10:39   |    Updated 13/02/2009 12:56
Who should use BT Business Broadband?
  • Small to medium sized companies as an always-on, high speed Internet connection
    • ADSL or SDSL
  • Medium to large companies as part of their access solution for data and internet products e.g. Frame Relay, Managed IP
    • SDSL
  • Teleworkers, as a better quality, more efficient access method for working remotely
    • Local loop - defined as a line from a customer’s premises to the exchange
    • Physical Co-location - Eircom offers access to its local infrastructure by providing leased copper pair links to BT who would then be permitted to install their own equipment at the local exchange and provide Network Terminal Equipment
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