Change Wireless Security to WPA

Published 12/05/2004 16:41   |    Updated 25/11/2008 18:22
How do I change the wireless security on my BT Voyager 2110 to WPA?

Please follow these instructions to change the wireless security on your BT Voyager 2110 from WEP to WPA.


Important: Not all computers or wireless devices on the market support WPA. Check with the manufacturer of your computer or wireless adapter or device whether they support WPA, or whether updated drivers or firmware are available.


All BT Voyager 802.11g wireless adapters are compatible with WPA, e.g. BT Voyager 1055, ZyXEL G260 and G220. BT Ireland no longer supply wireless adapters, we recommend that you visit our partner site for great deals on wireless adapters as well as many other electrical equipment items.


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