My last payment isn't showing on my bill

Published 04/04/2006 16:32   |    Updated 27/02/2009 16:32

What should I do if my last payment isn’t showing on my current bill?

If your last payment isn’t on your current bill it may just be that by the time your payment was lodged into our account, your bill had already been sent out. However, if this was the case then your payment will have been recorded in our billing system.


If you have any more queries regarding this issue then you can Ask a Question of our Customer Care team, alternatively you can call on Freephone 1904.


If your payment was cheque, please also make a note of the following before calling or emailing.

  • Cheque Number
  • Cheque Date
  • Amount of Cheque
  • Date cheque was cashed
  • Bank account number the cheque was cashed into (you can obtain this information from your bank)


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