Changes to BT Online Billing Discount

Published 05/04/2006 10:41   |    Updated 12/03/2009 15:52

What changes have been introduced to the BT Online Billing Discount?

BT customers can choose to either receive their bills online or by post. If you opt for an online bill only, then you will be entitled to an online bill discount of €1.25 per bill. If you request a hard copy bill you will not be entitled to any online bill discount.

What is the new online billing discount?
The new discount is set at a rate of €1.25 per bill. Please note this is not a monthly discount as customers are billed bi-monthly. This discount replaces the old discount of €5.02 per bill.

Are existing customers affected by the changes?
Yes. All customers currently availing of the online billing discount will be receiving the new discount rate of €1.25 per bill as a replacement for the €5.02 per bill discount.

Why are BT reducing the online billing discount?
We are still rewarding our customers with an online billing discount, however unfortunately we need to reduce the discount at this time in order to avoid an increase in our prices across the board. This has been an exceptionally generous discount in the past and we needed a re-evaluation given our current costs.

In fact none of our competitors offer online billing discounts so we are still unique in giving an online billing discount.


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