What is Unbundled Local Metallic Path? (ULMP)

Published 27/04/2006 11:51   |    Updated 13/02/2009 12:56

What is Unbundled Local Metallic Path? (ULMP)

ULMP - stands for Unbundled Local Metallic Path.

If BT Business Broadband is delivered in this manner it means that the line you requested broadband on will, for technical reasons, be used for broadband purposes only. Your calls, both inbound and outbound, will need to be carried on a different line, and you will loose this telephone number for voice services. No PSTN line rental applies to your broadband line in this case.

If the line you have submitted for broadband is required to carry calls then you will need to either submit a different telephone number for broadband prequalification or select the "Line Share" option.

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