BT Openzone

Published 02/05/2006 10:00   |    Updated 27/05/2008 18:14

What is BT Openzone?

BT Openzone is a wireless broadband (Wi-Fi) service that you can access in public places (hotspots) such as airports, hotels and motorway service stations. You can get online at BT Openzone hotspots throughout the UK and Ireland, and at selected locations abroad.



What is Wi-Fi and wireless broadband?

Wi-Fi is 'wireless fidelity' or 'wireless' network. It's a great way to connect your laptop or personal digital assistant (PDA) to the internet without using wires (e.g. in wireless-enabled locations you don't need a phone line to surf the internet).

'Wireless broadband' gives you Wi-Fi connectivity to the internet at broadband speed - faster than standard dial-up or 3G access.



How does BT Openzone work?

Click here for an interactive guide on the BT Openzone home page.



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For all the latest information about BT Openzone, please vist the home page on the link below.


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