Upgrade to a wireless broadband router

Published 02/05/2006 10:10   |    Updated 13/02/2009 12:56

Where can I find more information about upgrading to a wireless broadband router?

BT Ireland supplies the Voyager 2110 Wireless router. Please click here for more product information about the BT Voyager 2110 router.


If you want to use a wireless connection you will need a Voyager 2110 wireless router and a wireless receiver for each computer that you wish to connect wirelessly. The Voyager 2110 can also be used with an Ethernet cable connection but NOT a USB cable connection.


Each computer that you wish to connect wirelessly will require a wireless receiver. Most modern laptops already have built-in wireless receivers but most desktop computers do not. If you are unsure whether your computer has a receiver please consult with your computer manufacturer for further advice.


BT Ireland do not supply wireless receivers (PCMCIA or USB cards). However we recommend that you visit our partner site www.dabs.ie for great deals on wireless adapters as well as many other electrical equipment items.


A Voyager 2110 wireless router will still need to be plugged into a telephone socket with a microfilter and a grey ADSL Line cord in the same way your current broadband modem operates.


If you would like to upgrade from a ZyXEL or Voyager 210 modem to a Voyager 2110 wireless router please contact our Customer Care Department on Freephone 1904 or click here to a Ask a Question .


The current cost of upgrading from a wired to a wireless router is a one off charge of :euro:50.21 (inc. VAT). There is no additional increase in the monthly broadband subscription fee.


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