Changes to BT Paper Bills

Published 02/05/2006 10:14   |    Updated 12/03/2009 15:53

What changes are being made to the existing BT Paper Bill?

We are changing our paper bills to an extended summary format. The new format will no longer include fully itemised call details unless specifically requested. You will still be presented with all the necessary detail to analyse your bill.

From now on BT Paper Bills will include the following items:


Can I still get a fully itemised bill from BT?
Yes. There will be a charge of €1.51 per bill to include fully itemised call details. This charge covers the additional printing and postage costs. On average, including itemised call details doubles the number of pages in a typical bill.

If you would like to continue to receive a fully itemised bill please call Customer Care on Freephone 1904.

What additional information is included in the fully itemised bill?
All detail of individual calls during the billing period is included as an addition to the extended summary bill.

Where else can I view itemised call details?
You can view itemised call details, free of charge, by logging into your online account on the BT Ireland website.

If you have not already done so, click here to register for an online account and carefully fill out the form. Registration is free and will only take a moment. You will need your home telephone number, customer account number and an active email address to complete the registration process.

Why are BT introducing a summary bill?
We are introducing a summary bill for our residential customers because we want to play our part in helping the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. As we have a large customer base, the cumulative effect of reducing the number of pages we print for each customer's bill will be an enormous reduction in unnecessary and/or unwanted printed paper.

You will still see all the important information on your BT bill with this new format. If you still want to see fully itemised call details you can either pay for the full paper bill or log into your online account on the BT Ireland website and view the bill information free of charge.


If you opt to become online billing customer and select not to receive a paper bill in the post then you will be entitled to a discount on your BT bill.


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