BT Paper Bill Reprint Charge

Published 02/05/2006 10:18   |    Updated 12/03/2009 15:54

What is the bill reprint charge?

This is a €5.02 charge for the reissue of paper bills. The charge has been introduced to cover the additional re-print and postage costs incurred in the process of re-issuing a bill.


How many bills can be reprinted?
For the €5.02 fee you can request a reprint of all or some of your last 6 bills. The fee covers one transaction. If you request additional copies on a subsequent date the charge will be applied to your account again.


Is there a way I can re-print my bills?
Yes. If you have registered for an online BT account you can login and view/print your bills for the last 6 months (i.e. 3 bills). You can also view and print fully itemised call details from your online account.

To register for your online account click here and carefully fill out the form. You will need your home telephone number, customer account number and an active email address to complete the registration process.

If you have already registered for an online account click here to login and view your current and previous bills.

BT customers can choose to either receive their bills online or by post. If you opt for an online bill only, then you will be entitled to an online bill discount of €1.25 per bill. If you request a hard copy bill you will not be entitled to any online bill discount.


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