Email Server Settings

Published 29/09/2006 08:59   |    Updated 29/09/2009 12:07
What are the mail server settings required for my Email program?
Account Type Domain Server Type Incoming Mail Server Mailbox Capacity
Netfree POP3 10 MB
EsatClear POP3 10 MB
Oceanfree POP3 5 MB

The outgoing mail (SMTP) server address for a BT Ireland Internet connection is


This includes connections such as BT Broadband, Flat Rate, Anytime, Netfree, Oceanfree and EsatClear. If you are not using one of these Internet connections then please contact your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the correct SMTP mail server.


For example, if you are using your laptop while abroad contact the local ISP that you use to connect to the Internet in that country.


If you are using a 3G Mobile Broadband connection from Vodafone, O2 etc you will need to contact your mobile service provider for the correct SMTP server address.


For a step-by-step guide to configure your email program select one of the following:

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 « Outlook 2003 »

 « Outlook 2007 »

 « Windows Mail (Vista) »

 « Mac Mail 2.0 »

 « Thunderbird »


* Please note the mailbox capacity can not be increased. If you exceed the limit, any further messages sent to you will be returned to the sender with the message that your mailbox is over the quota.


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