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  1. 22/07/09: BT and Vodafone Agreement
    Consumers and small businesses in Ireland will benefit from greater competition and choice, following a strategic partnership agreed between BT and Vodafone.  The landmark contract will...
    Date Updated: 22/07/2009
  2. Q&A's regarding the BT and Vodafone Agreement
      Click here to read the full statement about the agreement between Vodafone and BT   What BT customers will transfer to Vodafone as part of this agreement?   This agreement involves...
    Date Updated: 22/10/2009
  3. Email Server Settings
    Account Type Domain Server Type Incoming Mail Server Mailbox Capacity IOL POP3 10 MB Netfree POP3 10 MB EsatClear POP3 10...
    Date Updated: 29/09/2009
  4. Apple Mac Users
    Yes!   Click  here  for a Quick Start installation guide for a BT Voyager  210  router.   Click  here  for a Quick Start installation guide for a BT...
    Date Updated: 24/06/2009
  5. BT Broadband - Contention Ratio
    The contention ratio for BT Broadband is 48:1 .   A contention ratio refers to how many other subscribers share the network connection between you and your local telephone exchange. Contention...
    Date Updated: 16/03/2009
  6. IMPORTANT: Firmware Upgrade for BT Voyager routers
    An important firmware upgrade was released for BT Voyager routers in June 2007. The update is recommended for all users of Voyagers routers using the older firmware.   If your BT Broadband connection...
    Date Updated: 11/06/2008
  7. Static IP address
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a static IP address on a residential BT broadband service. However if you require a static IP address for business related activities you can contact our BT...
    Date Updated: 11/11/2008
  8. What is interleaving?
    Interleaving is a feature of Up to 24Mb Broadband technology which uses powerful error-correction algorithms to improve broadband speed and stability on long or noisy phone lines.   Excessive...
    Date Updated: 01/10/2009
  9. Register for News Groups in Outlook Express
    To register for Newsgroups follow the instructions below: Open Microsoft Outlook Express. From the Tools menu, choose Account . Select the News tab. Click the Add button and choose News . The...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  10. Username & Password for BT Broadband
    If you have not yet received a broadband username and password please contact our Sales department on 1800 923 923 .   If you have forgotten your username and/or would like to change your password...
    Date Updated: 13/11/2008