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  1. Improve Dial-up Internet Connection
    Introduction If you're having problems connecting to BT Ireland, there are a few simple things that you might like to check to improve your Internet connection. Often, connection difficulties are not...
    Date Updated: 15/12/2008
  2. Prevent Modem Hijacking
    There are a number of scams on the Internet that customers should be aware of. Some of which can result in large telephone bills. “Modem Hi-Jacking” or “Mini -Diallers” are the terms used to describe...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  3. ISDN: dial-up and mail problems
    Problems connecting to ISDN If you’re having trouble connecting to your ISDN account the problem is most likely one of two things: A problem with the ISDN line itself A problem with the account...
    Date Updated: 11/12/2008
  4. BT Ireland Contact Numbers
    For RESIDENTIAL Customers   You can contact Customer Care on Freephone 1904 Opening hours  are Mon-Fri: 8am - 8pm Sat: 10am - 4pm Sundays & Bank Holidays: closed You can...
    Date Updated: 30/11/2009
  5. How can I view the statistics on my leased line?
    Statistics are available at the following URL: The site requires you to login. The username/password for this would have been made available around the time the circuit was...
    Date Updated: 07/09/2005
  6. What are the standard settings to use with BT Ireland ADSL?
    DSL Settings: What Modulation setting? The modulation we use is G-DMT. It can also be set to auto on occasion. What is the default VPI/VCI? The default VPI is 0 and the default VCI is 35. This is...
    Date Updated: 14/01/2008
  7. Apple Mac OS X: Dial-up connection
    Open Network Preferences Click on the Apple Menu and select System Preferences... Click on the Network globe. Unlock Network Preferences If you find Network settings are greyed out, click on the lock...
    Date Updated: 15/02/2008
  8. Outlook Express: Change Default Connection
    Check your Outlook Express settings When you use Outlook Express, you may receive an error message telling you that a dial-up networking connection is already established.     This is caused if your...
    Date Updated: 15/02/2008
  9. How do I set my Homepage in Internet Explorer?
    Your Homepage is the page that automatically loads when you open Internet Explorer. To set your Homepage you should do the following: Open Internet Explorer. Click on Tools > Internet Options . In...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  10. How can I check my dial-up connection settings in Windows XP?
    Introduction BT Ireland has its own unique settings to enable you to connect to the Internet. If any of these settings are incorrect you may experience problems connecting to BT Ireland. To check...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009