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  1. What is Caller Display?
    Caller Display lets you see the telephone number of an incoming call before you answer the phone.  To see the callers’ number you must have a special unit with the capability to display numbers and...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  2. BT 1471. How do I check the last Missed Call?
    Is BT 1471 Caller Return available for all calls? BT 1471 is not available on VPN lines, hi-speed lines or payphones.     How can I check the number of the last missed call? If you missed a call lift...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  3. BT Business One Plan FAQs
    Below are some of the frequently asked questions about BT Business One Plan.   What is the advantage of purchasing my calls, line rental and broadband in one package? Why not purchase them one...
    Date Updated: 12/01/2009
  4. BT Ireland Contact Numbers
    For RESIDENTIAL Customers   You can contact Customer Care on Freephone 1904 Opening hours  are Mon-Fri: 8am - 8pm Sat: 10am - 4pm Sundays & Bank Holidays: closed You can...
    Date Updated: 30/11/2009
  5. Book an Alarm/Reminder call for my phone from another telephone
    No. The call must be booked on the phone which is to ring.
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  6. How do I listen to my voice mail messages?
    How do I listen to my voice messages? Lift up the handset and press 171 .   First time users have a temporary PIN. This PIN is always set as 1234 . We recommended you change this default PIN and set...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  7. How do I know if I have unheard messages in my voice mailbox?
    When you lift up the receiver, a broken dial tone lets you know if you have unheard messages in your mailbox. To listen to your messages, key in your PIN.  
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  8. How do I use the BT Ringback service?
    When you get an engaged tone press *37#. Hang up. When the phone rings just pick it up and you're through. Please note: this service may not be available to all customers. Please contact Customer...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  9. What email address can I use to contact BT Ireland Corporate Technical Support?
    To contact Technical Support you can send an email to . This mailbox is monitored, however any queries sent there have a 24 hour turnaround time. If your query is urgent you can...
    Date Updated: 30/11/2009
  10. Why is my Caller ID not working?
    Please contact Customer Care on 1800 924 924 with details of the problem.  
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009