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  1. BT Home Phone Calling Features
    With Calling Features from BT your phone acts like your own personal assistant. These services are simple to operate and designed to make your life easier and your phone a lot more useful. BT Answer...
    Date Updated: 29/02/2008
  2. BT Call Waiting
      Expecting a call? Relax. You can still use your phone, because Call Waiting alerts you when you have a second caller. A soft beep alerts you when a second caller tries to contact you. Fast set-up...
    Date Updated: 12/02/2008
  3. BT 3 Way Calling
    Talk to two people at the same time. Have a party on the phone!   With 3 Way Calling, you can talk to two other callers at the same time. Normal call charges apply for each call you make.   How to...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2008
  4. BT Explore - our online broadband magazine
    Launched during the summer of 2007, this quarterly online magazine is aimed at helping broadband customers to get the most out of their broadband service and explore the online world.   The magazine...
    Date Updated: 23/04/2008
  5. Old dial-up connection box keeps popping up
    This issue occurs because of an Internet connection setting on your computer which can easily be changed.   Click on Start at the bottom left hand corner of your PC screen, select Control Panel...
    Date Updated: 12/05/2008
  6. Using an Eircom Email address on a BT connection
    Yes, you will simply need to adjust the outgoing mail server settings of your Email program.   The outgoing mail (SMTP) server address for a BT Internet connection is   This...
    Date Updated: 29/09/2009
  7. Engineer installation - will he install extra sockets?
    No. Our engineers will not install extra sockets or complete anywork on the line in your house.
    Date Updated: 07/02/2008
  8. Tags - what are they and how do you use them?
      <html> All your HTML files should begin with this tag, which tells the browser immediately that it's dealing with an HTML document. In much the same way, the closing tag, </html>...
    Date Updated: 08/05/2008
  9. HTML, XHTML. What's the difference?
    In fact, XHTML is very similar to HTML - so if you've read the section on HTML, you probably already know some of what you need. The main difference is that it's much less forgiving than straight...
    Date Updated: 08/05/2008
  10. Cold Calls - preventing unwanted direct marketing
    BT is pleased to announce industry improvements that enable our ex-directory customers to prevent unwanted calls from marketing companies in Ireland. This service is already available to our...
    Date Updated: 05/03/2008