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  1. Check my Dial-up Modem is working correctly
    Open the Control Panel Move the mouse pointer (also known as a cursor) so it rests on the word Start in the bottom left corner of your screen. Click once with the left mouse button and a list of...
    Date Updated: 11/02/2008
  2. What’s the difference between ADSL and SDSL?
    ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) currently provides download speeds of up to 512Kbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps with a maximum upload speed of only 256Kbps regardless of download speed. SDSL...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  3. What am I billed for and when?
    You are billed monthly; the bill is generated on the first of each month.  For Customers on the Business "One Plan" package: On your bill you will also see charges for any calls made over and above...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  4. Change Wireless Security to WPA
    Please follow  these instructions  to change the wireless security on your BT Voyager 2110 from WEP to  WPA .   Important: Not all computers or wireless devices on the market support WPA. Check with...
    Date Updated: 25/11/2008
  5. BT Voyager router installation guides
        To download a PDF version of the Quick Start installation guide choose from either a Voyager 2110 Wireles Router or a Voyager 210 Router .   Click here  to a view a simple to...
    Date Updated: 07/09/2009
  6. What is BT Talk A Lot?
    This handy phone package gives you a great deal with all your evening and weekend calls to local, national and UK landline numbers for only €4.97 a month. When added to the standard monthly charge...
    Date Updated: 03/12/2008
  7. HTML, Colours and Hexadecimal format
    Hexadecimal is the base-16 number system that computer programs often use (as opposed to straight decimal - the base-10 number system that we're used to).   HTML's palette works by using hexadecimal...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  8. Email "Disk Quota Exceeded" message
    The Webmail service only allows you to have 10MB (5MB for Oceanfree) of email within it's folders at any one time. When you click "Check for Mail", all new messages are moved to your Webmail folders...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  9. Information on 2009 National Number Change
    In order to meet demand for telephone services in certain areas, the Commission for Communications Regulation ComReg has announced changes to telephone numbers in some STD code areas.   These...
    Date Updated: 27/04/2009
  10. What should my Broadband self install kit contain?
    Your BT Broadband package should contain the following items: Router and accompanying power supply: 1 x  Voyager ADSL Router 1 x Power Supply Cables (three in total): 1 x ADSL Line Cord (Grey) 1 x...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009